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Guitar Show 2024

I've just got back from a 2 week break following the big guitar show of the year. While away I've been contemplating on the business and how to grow it. I know SEO is important but for me its a very scary initialism as I am not very web literate at all. I have, however, sought help and have signed up to a SEO yourself programme from my friend Gemma at 'Thats Her Business'. She used to my neighbour at the yard and now runs her business from home or her camper van! One of the key elements was to create a blog, so here we are. Not suer what it will be like or how much time I will have to update it but I guess the more feedback I get the more encouraged I will be to keep it going!

First post is about The Guitar Show 2024. overall it was another successful show - launched the all new New Islington, met a load of nice people and hopefully created some new business connections which will help grow the business and reach new audiences. As such I have a couple of exciting things in the pipeline - demo videos, workshop visits, competitions even. All will be revealed in time.

Unfortunately I have not yet got any sales off the back of the show (which is the main reason I do it really). The other 2 years i've done it I have either sold at the show or got a few orders after but not this time - even though I think my guitars are better than ever and were received more enthusiastically than ever. There is still time though and those on the mailing list may get a discount code soon!

OK, blog post 1 done - let me know what you think and what sort of content you'd like to see here.

Cheers - Dave

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Thanks for the shoutout Dave! Love your first post ☺️


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