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Unique guitars for the alternative musician

Every guitar from Ancoats Guitars is as unique and individual as the person who orders it.  The concept for each guitar is you start with the basics; guitar model, 1 pickup, 1 tone and 1 volume and build your perfct guitar from there. I have tried to give as many options for customisation as possible so that no two guitars are alike - there are thousands of possibilities.  Click on the pictures below to find out more about each model.


All guitars come with Kluson tuners and Creamery Pickups as standard and all components are sourced from as close to Manchester as possible without compromising on quality. They are all made by hand in my workshop in Ancoats, Manchester. 

All guitars are custom made to your specifications so there is about a 12 week lead time from the deposit date. I will keep you updated with lots of photos of the build as it goes along.

All guitars come with a 1 year return to base warranty and you get 1 free set up in the first year too.

The New Islington custom guitar
The Rocket custom guitar
The NQ custom guitar


All timber is responsibly sourced and chosen for its beauty and tonal chracteristics.  I currently offer 4 species of body wood; Swamp Ash, European Ash, Scandinavian Redwood and African Obeche and 2 species of neck wood; maple and sapelle.



All paint is water based and from Manchester based Little Greene Paint Company.  They are committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality paints. The paints I keep in stock are Mister David yellow, Confetti Pink, Atomic Red, Mid Azure Green, Marine Blue and Jack Black.  You can have any of the other 198 colours though for a small charge.

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Custom vintage, modern and alternative hand wound pickups made in Manchester.  I only use The Creamery pickups and in my opinion these are the best pickups in the world. I wont compromise on quality where it matters and great pickups are essential for great tone. My favourites are on the order form but you can have any of their massive range.


Finishing process

I have developed a painting technique that not only is completely water based and therefore good for the environment but it also allows the natural beauty and tone of the wood to be on display.  Wood is beautiful and I love the touch and feel of it.  I spray a very thin coat of paint and varnish so you can see and hear the grain.  It will naturally age and wear beutifully too.


I have a hybrid approach to guitar making, using technology where it's needed but my guitar making is grounded in the use of handtools.  Alot of the carving and fine woodworking is done by hand so I can get it just right. E.g. each neck is carved by hand until it feels perfect to me.  This means that each one may be very slightly different but also very unique.