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I am very passionate about the underground and new music scene.  I know how many musicians struggle with income and affordable access to high end gear so I have made it a priority to be able to offer the best quality I can at a reasonable price.  I don't cut costs with cheaper hardware or pickups - at the lower end you still get the same great components - just not as many of them.


Each guitar is completely customisable.  The only thing I insist on is keeping the headstock, pickguard and body shape - everything else is up for discussion.  I have added many options in the order form but if I put every possible option it would take days to decide.  Whats included on the form are my favourites - doesnt mean they have to be yours though.


As a small business i believe it is right to have as little impact on the envronment as possible.  I am comitted to sourcing all timber responsibly and only using water based paints and finishes - no nasty chemicals.  I also try and use local suppliers where possible such as The Creamery Pickups and Little Green Paint Company - both made in Manchester. Find out more about my suppliers and building processes HERE.