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Any colour, Any pickup and any scale length - all included in price!


Welcome to the all new NEW ISLINGTON. This guitar has been 3 years in the making and I am so proud of what it has become.  Read on to find out more about it.


Neck - Any scale length you want. Bolt on neck made from roast maple and rosewood with brass and MoP inlays. Medium C shaped neck with a very slight flattening of the back for greater comfort and 12" or 9.5" radius. Big A neck plate on reverese for some added class.


Body - Standard price is for Obeche which is fast becoming my favourite timber. Its super light weight and looks great. Guitars generally weigh between 3kg (6.5lbs) and 3.5kg (8lbs) depending on hardwear. Upgrade to the classic swamp ash for an extrra £150 - a little heavier but has the most beautiful grain.  As standard it comes with the tapered german carve as seen in the pictures but you can either have this or not - your choice - no extra costs.


Pickups - 2 pickups from Green Pickups of Manchester. I have been working closely with him to produce the "A line Singles" that you see in the guiitar above.  These are like hot Strat pickups but with a bladed pole piece for more even responce. These are the signature pickups for this guitar and will come wired like the 4 way Telecaster mod with Bridge, parallel, neck and then that boost into series. You can have Humbuckers, P90s or anything really - no extra cost and we will work with you to design the pickups to your liking.


Hardware - Gotoh locking tuners, ABM3250 bridge (or upgrade to Goldo trem), CTS pots, switchcraft 3 way or rotary switch depending on your choice. Hardware is always the best available.


Colour - choice of 210 colours from Little Green Paint Company. Finished in satin with my signature Future Relic thin skin finish. This can be discussed after purchase or let me know in the additional comments box.


Upgrade to Goldo trem and roller bridge for £250.


Comes packaged safely in an ABS hardcase.


The New Islington was the guitar that started it all for me so I've been really careful to keep its essence but also bring it line with the my other model and how I see the brand progressing.


Only options on the order form are those that affect the price.  We can discuss the other elements either before or after purchase - just get in touch - I'm very good a replying to messages.


Shipping - Uk =£40, Europe= £80, US =£140.

The New Islington


20% off "Pre Glasto Sale"

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