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Why buy a Telecaster or Stratocaster when you can make one for the same price, under the guidance of experienced luthier and Ancoats Guitar owner, Dave Roberts.


I would like to invite you to my small workshop near the centre of Manchester for a fun couple of days making guitars, talking about guitars and listening to music (with some lovely lunch thrown in too - there's a great local chippy or lovely focacia sandwiches made by one of my neighbours). The workshop is also a short walk from the hustle and bustle of Manchesters Northern Quarter with many fine restaurants and bars so you may want to stay over and make a little holiday of it - or go for a beer or two after the class (not included in price ;).


This 2 day course provides everything you need to build your own partcaster Tele style or Strat style guitar. We will discuss all the specialist tools, processes and theories required to make an outstanding guitar. You will also come away from the course with the knowledge to keep your other guitars in tip top condition.


The price includes ALL the parts and hardware you need to create a top of the range playing and sounding guitar.


All the parts and hardware are sourced individually, by me, for their quality and durability and I am 100% confident that they will work together well - this is not a chinese premade kit with inferior parts that will need replacing in a few months. Guitar bodies and necks are from GuitarbuildUK, pickups from iron gear and hardware from Wilkinson. This guitar should last you a lifetime - and you will have made it! Comes in a sturdy hardcase too.


To book the course first purchase your desired guitar (select pickup at workshop for delivery) and then get in touch with me to book the dates and discuss any changes to the hardware and wood choices. The days could be 2 consecutive or different weeks - whatever works for you.


Please review the images for course schedule and hardware included.


Prices are;


Telecaster style = £1300

Sttratocaster = £1350


Weekend days = +£200 (for whole group) not currently applicable for the first few classes.


Upgrades and changes are available but may incur additional costs! If you want to bring your own Hardware or any other part of the guitar please get in touch before booking as it may reduce the price.


Pickups as standard are from Iron Gear - These are great sounding pickups and you can have any combination of them; e.g a telecaster with Humbucker bridge and P90 neck! If you want to bring your own pickups let me know or I can arrange upgrades directly with your chosen pickup maker.


The finish will be stained and oiled. We will not have enough time for a solid, painted colour.


Bodies and necks are from well renowned GuitarbuildUK. they have a range of woods and routing options to suit what you want. The necks come with a paddle headstock so you can stamp your own identity on it with your own design.


These are one-on-one classes so you will get my undivided attention; but if you wish to bring a friend their build will be discounted to £1000 for either a Tele or a Strat (dependent on wood choices and hardware). The days may take a little longer though. The max people I can accommodate in my little workshop is just 2 though.


Book now or get in touch to discuss options and possible dates.

2 day build your own partscaster

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