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Course Title: One-Day Guitar Maintenance Workshop: Setup and Fret Levelling for Solid Body Electric Guitars


This comprehensive guitar maintenance course offers in-depth instruction on fret levelling and setup specifically tailored for solid body electric guitars. Whether you're a seasoned guitarist or a beginner, understanding how to properly maintain your instrument is essential for achieving optimal playability and sound quality.

The course begins with an overview of the components of a solid body guitar, including the neck, fretboard, frets, bridge, nut, and tuning machines. Participants learn how to assess the condition of their instrument and identify common issues such as buzzing frets, high action, and intonation problems.

Fret levelling is a crucial aspect of guitar maintenance covered in detail. Participants are guided through the process of identifying uneven frets and using specialised tools such as levelling beams and fret files to achieve a smooth and consistent playing surface. Practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises ensure that participants gain proficiency in this essential skill.

In addition to fret levelling, the course covers the setup of various components to optimise the guitar's playability and tone. Topics include adjusting the truss rod to achieve the proper neck relief, setting the action and intonation, lubricating the nut and saddle, and fine-tuning the tuning machines for stability.

Throughout the course, participants have the opportunity to work on their own guitars under the guidance of experienced instructors, receiving personalised feedback and troubleshooting assistance. By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills to confidently perform fret levelling and setup procedures on Fender-style guitars, ensuring that their instruments perform at their best.


Course Overview:

This intensive one-day workshop focuses on setup procedures and fret levelling for solid body electric guitars. Participants will learn the fundamentals of guitar maintenance, including adjusting the truss rod, setting the action, and intonation, followed by fret levelling techniques. Through hands-on practice and expert guidance, participants will gain the skills necessary to enhance the playability and sound quality of their instruments.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to the course and objectives

  • Overview of solid body electric guitars: components and anatomy

  • Common setup issues affecting playability and sound quality

  • Introduction to fret levelling techniques

  • Tools and equipment for basic fret levelling

  • Identifying uneven frets and high spots

  • Hands-on practice with instructor guidance

  • Troubleshooting common issues during fret levelling

  • Restring guitar

  • Using the TRAIN method of guitar set up

  • Cutting the nut: theory and practice

  • Adjusting the truss rod: theory and practice

  • Hands-on practice with adjusting the truss rod

  • Setting the action and string height for optimal playability

  • Intonation adjustment: theory and practice

  • Hands-on practice with setting the action and intonation

  • Lubricating the nut and saddle for smooth string movement

  • Review of course content

  • Q&A session and final assessment

1 day set up and fret levelling course

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