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The "rocket"

The "Rocket" is The New Islington but with ALL the bells and whistles possible. A handmade custom guitar from Ancoats Guitars, it is the creme-de-la-creme of what I have to offer. It was born through a combination of all the best bits from early orders of The New Islington plus some new upgrades. The pickguard 'fins' were added to make it stand out even more and resulted in the name.  Comes with a swamp ash body, locking tuners, Tremelo, kill switch, roasted maple neck, brass fret markers, headstock detailing, hard case - all the good stuff you can get from a private build but with a discounted price. Lots of customisation options still available - order yours HERE.

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IKey features;

  • any pair of pickups from The Creamery

  • All the customisation options from the New Islington but with a saving of over £100

  • Comes with hardcase

  • My preferred pickup combination is a pair of telecaster pickups with 4 way series wiring.  This gives a wide range humbucker sound, with a notable boost in volume, in the 4th position.  It sounds killer! Other pickup combos are available - just ask.

  • Deep german carve and "rocket fins" for that pure future retro aesthetic

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